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FB Live! Lizz Winstead in 2017: The Greatest Sheet Show on Earth

At Lady Parts Justice, Brooklyn (NY), United States
On 31st December 2017 9 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.


The only thing left to happen in 2017 are the locusts and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Has this been the worst year or the best year for comedy? Lizz Winstead says, "That all depends on how much canned food you have squirreled away!"

This will be her most epic year in review yet and with the material she has been given to work with, we can all laugh our way out of the abyss together. Plus, it's a fundraiser for Lady Parts Justice!

Tune in FREE at 8pm CT/ 9pm ET for the whole show right on Lizz's Facebook page.

RSVP at to get notified when the Facebook Live starts!

We promise it'll be more fun and way cheaper than leaving your house on New Year's Eve. Cozy up with your pajamas and a big bottle of champagne and let's say goodbye to the garbage fire that was 2017 together!

** Tix & info for the Minneapolis shows are available at **


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