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How To Hold A Wikipedia Editathon & Reduce Its Gender Gap by FII

At India Habitat Centre, Delhi, India
On 21st September 2017 2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Feminism In India is proud to announce that we are conducting a workshop on Wikipedia Editing at Digital Citizen Summit by Digital Empowerment Foundation.

Wikipedia has a gender gap, where only 9% of Wikipedia editors are women globally, and only 3% of Wikipedia Editors are women in India. This gender gap leads to a gap in content as well – where there is far more Wikipedia content on famous men than famous women. Hosting Wikipedia edit-a-thons with primarily woman editors fulfils the objective of closing the gender gap in both diversity in editors as well as content on the website. Learning how to edit on Wikipedia also teaches women skills of research, text editing, and content creation, thus aiding digital literacy and empowerment.

The session will teach participants how to organize, research and hold their own Wikipedia Edit-a-thons. This will be done by teaching participants about how Wikipedia’s content guidelines function and holding a mini Edit-a-thon to show participants how to host one.

Workshop Trainers: Japleen Pasricha, Feminism In India Asmita Ghosh, Feminism In India Mahika Banerji, Feminism In India

Date: 21. September 2017 Time: 14-15.30 IST Venue: India Habitat Centre

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