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Feminist Taking Over Web Using ICTs

At India Habitat Centre, Delhi, India
On 21st September 2017 2:45 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Feminism in India and Hidden-Pockets are pleased to invite you to a session on #FeministInternet at Digital Citizen Summit organised by Digital Empowerment Foundation

The beauty of technology is its usage. There is always a possibility of a better world and technology can pave a way for this. Some of us young feminists around the country, have been trying to create our own versions of technology and flooding the web with content that we would like to read, the content that we call of our own, and content that makes world a little more feminist.

We are 4 different feminist doing different kind of work with technology and we want to offer a possible alternative for the way we engage with technology in our own spheres. In our own capacity we are trying to create counter-narrative of how people engage with technology and at the same time challenge patriarchy and power in play. It is not easy creating a narrative which opposes the mainstream narrative. For some of us, it is the discourse of discussion and debate, for some it is the idea of digital and physical maps, for some we are trying to populate the online audio waves, and others are trying to engage with booming video space.

Speakers : Japleen Pasricha: Feminism in India Aisha Lovely George: Hidden Pockets Bhani Rachel Bali: KrantiKālī Payel Ganguly: Python and CSS Independent Coder Jasmine Lovely George (Moderator): Hidden Pockets

Date: 21. September 2017 Time: 14.45 - 15.30 IST Venue: India Habitat Centre


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