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Expose Fake Clinics Week of Action

From 17th July 2017 noon to 26th July 2017 11:59 p.m.


The Reproductive Rights #Resistance squad wants YOU to help #ExposeFakeClinics

Anti-choice extremists have been attacking abortion access in the U.S. since the procedure became legal in 1973. One of their most insidious tactics is one that most people have never heard of: CREATING FAKE CLINICS

Yep, it's a thing. In fact, anti-abortion zealots have created close to 4,000 fake clinics all over the country vs. only 780 real abortion providers. Commonly known as Crisis Pregnancy Centers, (CPC's), these fake clinics open right next door, or down the street from actual abortion providers, mirror their name, and even use the same colors and font of the real providers as a tactic to lure confused pregnant people in who are looking for abortion services or need assistance if they want to continue a pregnancy and need resources.

CPCS are VIRULENTLY anti-abortion, so they do NOT provide all the available options for a person who is struggling with whether or not to continue their pregnancy. They place phony ads on busses or billboards to trick pregnant people into making an appointment, promising “choices and options,” “free ultrasounds,” or “pregnancy support.” Once inside, unwitting patients are shamed about their sexual decisions, are deceived about the gestational age of their pregnancy, and worse- tell them that abortion causes breast cancer, infertility and chronic depression- all myths that have been dispelled by the American Medical Association.

Furthermore, they will coerce patients into coming back several more times for more “consultation” or “exams” as a tactic to delay an abortion procedure until they are pushed past the deadline for a legal abortion altogether.

Their deception is powerful.

CPCs are often made to look like medical facilities, yet they don't practice medicine (outside of an occasional ultrasound or STI test), nor do they use medical facts or standardized ethics. More and more, these predatory places are funded by taxpayer dollars, impacting poor women and people of color the hardest.

You can help end this deception. Commit to joining Abortion Access Hackathon, Lady Parts Justice League, Shout Your Abortion, Reproaction, and a whole lot of incredible reproductive rights organizations across the country for a Week of Action July 17th - 26th.

Visit for info and action items!



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