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Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: Queer Feminists

At Breakthrough India, Delhi, India
On 19th November 2016 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Breakthrough, Feminism in India (, Nazariya ( and Centre for Internet and society ( invite you to a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on “Queer Feminists”. The edit-a-thon is aimed at creating/editing wikipedia pages of Queer Feminists who lack representation on the platform currently. The prelimenary list of Queer Feminists whose wikipedia pages can be edited/created will be uploaded soon.


Who can edit Wikipedia? We are taking the liberty of quoting from this page on Wikipedia:

"Anyone with Web access can edit Wikipedia, and this openness encourages inclusion of a tremendous amount of content. About 70,000 editors—from expert scholars to casual readers—regularly edit Wikipedia, and these experienced editors often help to create a consistent style throughout the encyclopedia, following our Manual of Style.

Several mechanisms are in place to help Wikipedia members carry out the important work of crafting a high-quality resource while maintaining civility. Editors are able to watch pages and technically skilled persons can write editing programs to keep track of or rectify bad edits. Where there are disagreements on how to display facts, editors often work together to compile an article that fairly represents current expert opinion on the subject."

Why are we doing this? Wikipedia is now the world’s biggest and most accessed encyclopaedia. It has also become the first go-to website to gain first hand information about any topic. However, according to a study ( conducted by Wikipedia in 2011, only 9% of the editors at Wikipedia were women. India fares even worse. Only 3% of the editors in India are women.

The low representation of women among Wikipedia editors may have an impact on the coverage of women-oriented topics and perspectives, both in terms of the articles that are created and the content within articles. (Courtesy: This event will be a part of a series of edit-a-thons planned for the year 2016.

This specific edit-a-thon is in lieu of Novemeber being Pride Month. Also, the basic premise of conducting all our wikipedia edit-a-thons has always been to increase the representation of groups which have been marginalised.

When? 10 am - 5 pm on 19th November, 2016 (Saturday)

Where? Office of Breakthrough E-1 A Kailash Colony First floor New Delhi 110048, India Tel: 91-11-41666101

Google maps:,77.244278,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xd2860a3125fc4a3a

Nearest metro station: Kailash Colony metro station. Our office is very close to Kailash Colony market. After getting off at Kailash Colony metro station, head towards Kailash Colony market. (Ask anyone and they'll direct you or take a cycle rickshaw.) Our office is close to Shroff eye clinic and right opposite White House bed and breakfast.

Who is this aimed for? It's open for all. We have been organising a series of edit-a-thons with the aim of bridging the gender gap on Wikipedia and so we encourage women editors. However for this event we want to encourage people who identify as queer to come edit. It's not necessary for you to be queer to participate, but it would be great if you could let your queer friends know about this.

Is this event free? Yes. This is a free event.

Any other prerequisite? Yes. Please bring a laptop with you.


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