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You Should Smile More and Other Manspirational Observations

On 3rd November 2016 8 p.m. - 10 p.m.


Lady Parts Justice League Presents: You Should Smile More and Other Manspirational Observations.

Lady Parts Justice League

Lady Parts Justice League (LPJL), is the latest comedy project from comedian and The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead. Winstead has gathered some of the most hilarious comics working today to create a multimedia comedy show that uses stand-up, sketch, and videos to expose the sexism that dominates our political and social landscapes, hilariously reminding us of the challenges that come with walking the earth as a female in 2016.

Lizz Winstead

As co-creator and former head writer of The Daily Show and Air America Radio co-founder, Lizz Winstead has helped changed the very landscape of how people get their news.

But she wasn't just behind the scenes. As a performer, Winstead brought her political wit to The Daily Show as a correspondent and later to the radio waves co-hosting Unfiltered, Air America Radio's mid-morning show, where she brought on board Hip Hop legend, Chuck D and political big brain Rachel Maddow.

Known as as one of the top political satirists in America, Winstead is currently touring the country, bringing her razor sharp insights to the stage selling out shows from LA to NYC.

Winstead's first book, Lizz Free Or Die, Essays, was released in 2012 to incredible reviews and the paperback was released in May of 2013.

To quote Sarah Silverman: "Reading Lizz Winstead's hilarious collection of very personal essays somehow leaves you changed. You laugh, and yet there are nutrients in her words."

Lizz's talents as a comedian and media visionary have been recognized by all the major media outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post and Entertainment Weekly's 100 most Creative People issue. Winstead has made numerous stand-up appearances, including Comedy Central Presents, specials on HBO, VH-1, MTV and more. She can also be seen regularly doing hilarious and insightful commentary on MSNBC. Winstead has also written for The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post and regularly blogs at

Lizz also gives back.

Her ongoing national comedy tour to benefit Planned Parenthood and NARAL has raised over 2 million dollars and was made into a documentary film, Smear Campaign just won "Best Documentary Comedy Short" at the Atlanta Documentary Film Festival. Smear Campaign can be exclusively seen at:

Lizz is currently working on a second book and has spearheaded Lady Parts Justice, a reproductive rights group fighting to return all 50 state legislatures to a pro-choice majority.

To keep up with Lizz and to see just how up to the minute her comedy is, Like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter Lizz Winstead

Helen Hong

Helen Hong plays "Janet Fung" in the Coen Bros' film "Inside Llewyn Davis" and plays the over-the-top "Mrs. Wong" in Nickelodeon's "The Thundermans." She hosts the web series "Geek Vs Geek" on Tech Channel. She has performed standup comedy on Showtime, TV Guide Channel, OWN Network and AXS.TV.

Joyelle Johnson

Joyelle's comedy has taken her from coast to coast. Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY she has performed at Caroline's on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, Comix, and Stand Up NY just to name a few. She gained her start in Los Angeles and all over Southern California at The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, and the various Improvs. As well as spending time in the South performing at Atlanta's own Punchline, Laughing Skull and Uptown Comedy club. As a testament to Joyelle's burgeoning career and work ethic she has opened for the Boston badboy Bill Burr, musical genius Craig Robinson, mistress of voices Maria Bamford, Brooklyn's finest Tony Rock, international icon Gina Yashere, youtube sensation Eric Schwartz, and The Mo'Nique Show scripter Vanessa Fraction. Comedienne Maria Bamford says,"She inspires me to remember that if I put in the effort, beautiful results will follow. She's also really kind, down-to-earth, generous, super-funny, and altogether the kind of artist that I aspire to be."

Buzz Off, Lucille


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