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What Has the Empowerment of Women and Girls Got to Do With Sustainable Development? Perspectives from WILPF US

At Church Center for the United Nations - CCUN (Drew Room)
On 15th March 2016 9:15 p.m.


In this parallel event, panelists share their experiences and work in addressing Goal 5 of the new Sustainable Development Goals (2015) which targets the empowerment of women and recognizes the need to also empower young girls to become future leaders. Panelists address the lack of significant progress on transforming women's roles in the world today and the urgent necessity of empowering young girls and other marginalized groups. Recommendations on programs, actions and strategies are presented to sustain that empowerment.


Maureen Eke, Professor of English, Central Michigan University, WILPF US Program Chair, 2015 WILPF US Local2Global (CSW)

Lamia Sadek, PhD (ABD), WILPF US Managing Director, International Development and Relief Worker, Women's Rights and Gender Justice Advocate and Activist

Mary Hanson Harrison, PhD (ABD), President WILPF US Section, consultant WRITE Now!, Board Member-Stop the Arms Race PAC

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We hope to see you there!

Co-hosted by: WILPF US


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