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Lady Parts Justice Grown Ass Carnival

At The Creek and The Cave, Long Island City (NY), United States
On 14th June 2015 3 p.m. - 10 p.m.


IT'S ALMOST TIME!!!! Here are some details: 

$5 Admission (includes 1 free game ticket)
Each game ticket costs $2
15 Tickets for $20
Silent Auction
50/50 Raffle Tickets $5
Celeb Poker: $100 Buy-In
2 Bingo cards for $5

and conveniently, an ATM on location. 


Join us on June 14th for an adult carnival full of fun and debauchery! $5 Carnival admission at the door 3pm-8pm RAIN OR SHINE.

Indulge in Mexican food and margarita snow cones while playing adult bingo, our "bust their balls" dart game and watching some cool side show acts... There will be awesome prizes, fun activities and games, photo booths, and your favorite celebs! 

CELEBRITY GUESTS!!! Ally Sheedy, Kathy Najimy, Frank Conniff, Ted Alexandro, and of course our fearless leader, Lizz Winstead, will all be there! 

ALSO: Join us at 8pm for "An Evening of Sexual Storytelling with Lady Parts Justice" featuring hilarious storytellers such as Corinne Fisher of the Guys We F****d podcast, Sara Benincasa, Shalewa Sharpe, and more! Discount tickets selling online now for $15 here:
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