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"I Need Feminism" campaign online

At New Delhi, India
From 6th May 2014 10:05 a.m. to 31st May 2014 11 p.m.


Call for Submissions

Given the popularity of our "I Need Feminism" campaign, we have decided to do another one, but this time online for all those who wished to participate but couldn't due to time and space constraints.

The INF campaign is a collection of photographs of people using words to voice their opinions about feminism. Both young men and women hold placards, which through the written word raises their voice against gender discrimination and baseless societal and cultural stereotypes.

So gear up with your slogans, hold them, click your photographs and send away. You may post your photos on the wall, inbox us or email us to

If you wish to stay anonymous, let us know. We respect your privacy. We'll post one slogan a day starting from 10th May and the campaign will continue for the entire month. On the last day, we'll conclude the campaign by reflecting on all the stories.

To get an idea how and what this campaign is going to be about, check the photos of our earlier campaign held at IGIT and Ambedkar University Delhi. We tend to target at least 100-150 people!

So write, pose, click and send NOW!


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