find events  Find events

In wikical you can find interesting events just by searching for a subject, and optionally for a specific location. That is all, fast and simple, no login required. We don't track.

share  Share them

If you are aware of an interesting event, just add it to wikical, in a single step. When you share, everyone gains.

import and export  Import and export

wikical makes easy to import and export data, from your organisation's schedule to your beloved calendar software, service or social network. We want information to be free and to spread. We also have an API.

important dates  Important dates

Events are sorted by default on their important upcoming dates, like deadlines. A "call for papers" or an "end of registration" are such important dates. With wikical you shouldn't miss them.

history  History of changes

Each event can be monitored and has a history that can be used to see what's new.

Recommendations  Recommendations

wikical automatically detects related subjects, learns your interests and intelligently uses this information to recommend appropriate events to you.

cc  Freedom of data 

All public data in wikical belongs to everyone, not only to us. It can be reused, even for commercial purposes, like the articles of Wikipedia. It means anyone can just reuse data from wikical, without asking for permission. By allowing this freedom, your entries in wikical will spread and find more readers. Freedom means more coverage, more involvement.

openness  Openness of software 

wikical is powered by free software. It means anyone can study and improve how wikical works. We believe free software is better. Wikipedia uses free software. Firefox, Linux and Android are free software. But most importantly, if you don't like how we run things, you can run your own site with our software for free. No lock-in, no need to believe in someone else's promises.

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